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Bug Pal is a simple bug tracking app that sorts your list of bugs by how bad they are. 
It's pretty much based on this tweet by Ben Porter:

So you have bugs in your game, but which ones should you prioritise? Here's a simple heuristic to rate priority:

impact * frequency * (1 / time until bug appears)
— Ben Porter (@eigenbom) July 9, 2018

Aside from writing down description of your problem, you also select how much impact the bug has, how frequent it is, etc. That way you can sort your bugs and see what you should be working on first.

List only shows the very brief summary of the bug, but you can always go back and view all details by clicking on it. You can also edit it, in case you've made a mistake. Lastly, you can mark bug as fixed, which will remove it from the list. All of the changes you've made are saved automatically when you quit the app.

This is the very first version of Bug Pal done in about a day in Unity of all things. I made it just as a quick little exercise and as something I could use instead of a Notes app. I'm putting it up here though, because it feels nice to release things for once. So if you decide to give it a go, just keep that in mind if you encounter some bugs. Hehe. In case that happens, please do let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!

Thanks again to Ben Porter for inspiration :)


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