A downloadable instrument? for Windows and macOS

DROwN is patchable, semi-modular drone machine prototype, made as an exploration of Unity's audio components. It is by no means finished or optimised, but it's kinda fun to play around with.

How to use it:

UI is basically split into two halfs. The top row features two sets of oscillators capable of generating sine, square and triangle waves, and two white noise generators. 

The bottom half includes effects like distortion, low-pass filter and echo, and also two low frequency oscillators used for modulation of other parameters.

Each of the parameters is laid out in the same pattern. Starting from the left, there's a main control knob, giving you control over that parameter. Click and drag to change the value of that parameter. 

In the center, there's a patch input you can use to modulate that parameter using LFO. Drag the cursor from LFO's input to any output to create a connection.

Lastly, next to the input is an attenuator. This knob controls the amount of modulation by LFO, relative to the base value set by the main control knob.

On oscillator there's also a switch that allows you to bypass all of the effects.

Have fun.


drown.app.zip 28 MB
drown.zip 11 MB

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