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LOB POP BALL is a small 1v1 local multiplayer sports game playable on a single keyboard. Score goals by shooting the ball. Detonate your shots if you miss. Button-mashing won't help you.



  • Inspired by Pong and Pool.
  • Charge your shots, hit the ball and score goals against your opponent.
  •  Aim carefully and try to predict where the ball is going to land your shots. Timing is everything.
  • If you miss, detonate the shot!
  • You can only shoot once at a time; no spamming or button-mashing.


  • Easy to pick up, best suited for a couple of quick matches.
  • Playable on a single keyboard, no gamepad required! Includes simplified 2-button per player control scheme for keyboards that are extra vulnerable to ghosting.
  • Match modifiers - change how some rules of the game work to tailor your experience, including different balls with different physics. Make the game easier or harder - play the way you think it's most fun!
  • Multiple arenas with different obstacles and gimmicks.
  • Minimalist abstract visuals with 8 different (colourblind-friendly) colour palettes.
  • Full gamepad support.

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